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UltraCompare Latest Changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraCompare Professional. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new features.

UltraCompare Lite users: These changes do not apply to UltraCompare Lite. See the difference between UC Pro and Lite.

UltraCompare v16.0 changes (2016-06-03)

  • New ribbon interface
    • Overhauled user interface with new ribbon display and functionality
    • Contextual tabs based upon compare type
    • Quick Access Toolbar
    • Compact mode (saves vertical space)
    • Legacy toolbar/menu mode
    • Full support for ribbon / toolbar customization
  • Modernized application icons
  • Full ultra-high-def (UHD) / 4k display support
  • Excel/table compare mode
    • Compare Excel or plain text CSV formats
    • Select different Excel sheets to compare
    • Specify separator character for CSV
    • Ignore rows/columns/cells
    • Optionally use row 1 as column headers
    • Edit, merge, and save across tables
  • Folder mode enhancements
    • Folder sync options available directly on ribbon
    • Copy paths (all, visible, or selected) from folder compare frame
    • Merged files in progress are now dimmed to reflect merge status
    • New context menu option to open selected file in default application
    • Folder mode progress info now reflects byte totals
  • Horizontal ruler for text compare
  • New navigation control bar next to file paths
  • Moved "All", "Just Diffs", "Just Matching" to Edit tab
  • Each compare mode now remembers and restores last active tab
  • Improved UTF-8 handling
  • New start page (shows on first run, or when all sessions are closed)
  • Separate "Matches only" and "Diffs only" for column and rows in table mode
  • Fixed and improvements to default theme colors
  • Fixed issue with file path aliases being shown in file path down history
  • Various other improvements and fixes