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Introducing UltraCompare v16 and the all new modern UI.

Why the ribbon? Over the past few years there has been a growing call for modernization with UltraEdit, UEStudio and UltraCompare's user interfaces, as well as better support for UHD/4k displays.

We set out to address the concerns of our new and existing users – starting with a survey of you, our existing users. The results were very telling: you wanted a more contemporary look while not sacrificing ease of use and functionality, an easier user interface, better handling of customizations, and last but not least, ultra-high-definition display support... The waiting is over.

Note: As a necessity of new window framework of UltraCompare v16 and later, existing menu/toolbar/layout customizations cannot be maintained in the new version. However, any future customizations in v16 and later will be preserved throughout all future releases.

The All New Ribbon

Toolbar / Menu mode

Compact Ribbon Mode

Toolbar / Menu mode, Large Icons

New Ribbon UI

UltraCompare 16 brings you the brand new, highly customizable ribbon and menu-toolbar interface that UltraEdit and UEStudio users have already enjoying. Simply right-click to begin customizing the UltraCompare that's uniquely yours. It's been rebuilt from the ground up to look great, and perform even better.

Support for high-resolution displays

Got a high-resolution display? UltraCompare v16 has been updated to look great in ultra-high definition. If you're still using a normal HD display, that's OK, too. The most powerful compare tool in the business will look great the day you decide to upgrade.

Table Compare

UltraCompare v16 sports our all-new table compare mode. It's the powerful, yet easy to use way to compare Excel and plain CSV files. Simply choose table compare, and point us to the files you need to work on. From there, it's UltraCompare as usual.

Folder Mode Enhancements

UltraCompare's powerful folder mode is better with v16. Now folder sync options are available directly on ribbon. We've also made several small interface enhancements to make comparing folders with UltraCompare feel even simpler.

Additional changes:

  • Horizontal ruler for text compare
  • Completely redesigned Start Screen
  • Various other improvements and fixes
  • See the full list of changes in UltraCompare v16.00